Farm Sheds

Safe, secure and sturdy farm sheds are integral to the success of any agricultural business, whether it be a small family farm or a large commercial enterprise.

If you're looking for a space-saving solution for your farm or property, Gwydir Group's farming sheds provide customisable and durable solutions. From workshops to a milking shed and equipment storage, each unique shed design is sure to meet any of your agricultural needs.

Shed SafeWith over 20 years designing and fabricating the best quality steel sheds for the local community and membership of the highly respected Shed Alliance group, you can be sure we’ll deliver a farm shed that not only meets your requirements perfectly but comes at the most competitive price on the market.


Our team will take on even the most challenging project with a focus on safety, strength and durability. 

We know the land, and with a free onsite visit, our team can help you determine the best location, dimensions and features for your shed to ensure it’s fit for purpose. By incorporating unique site conditions such as topography, shelter from existing structures and wind and weather extremes and careful guidance through the comfort and functionality of your shed, including ventilation and vermin control, you can be assured of a top quality result 

Once you’re happy with the design, we can provide you with all the drawings necessary for council approvals and a comprehensive quote on the spot.

It takes us about 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture your farm shed in premium BlueScope steel and deliver it to your property in kit form, ready for assembly and accompanied by comprehensive drawings and construction manual. Depending on the size, you can have it fully commissioned over a weekend.

Larger farm sheds may require a crane to lift the sturdy pre-punched galvanised steel frame into place. We’re happy to manage any or all of the construction process. Just tell us what you need during the design process, and we’ll include services from our network of trusted shed builders, equipment suppliers and certifiers in your all-inclusive price.

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