Gwydir Group are one of the leading manufacturers of grain sites and bunkers in Australia.

We can manufacture and supply steel grain bunkers and concrete bunker walls, offering a reliable bulk storage solution. 

A bunker is a great option for producers that need flexibility, with the ability to deconstruct and move the system if you need to as you manage your operations year to year – than a fixed silo or shed.

Concrete Bunkers

Our concrete bunker wall and lockdown clamping system provide a robust solution for the best fumigation results.

Designed for on-site bulk storage of grain, nuts, fertilizer and other bulk goods, concrete bunker walls are 4 metres in length and 1 metre high but have multiple configuration options. 

In comparison to other on-site bulk storage systems such as a dirt bunker, our concrete bunker wall systems are more efficient to maintain, hygienic and need less tarpaulin making them a cost-effective option. Our systems have a proven high-quality seal to allow for effective fumigation and to secure your valuable tarps.

Steel Bunkers

Gwydir Group’s steel bunker walls are 750mm high and can be configured into any length to suit your equipment.

Fully galvanised, the steel bunker system has a locking system for tight gas fumigation and is a cost-effective option for transport.

Gwydir Group can also maintain your steel bunker walls, providing a continuity of care for your grain storage.

Gwydir Group can provide aeration systems to suit all types of bulk storage on steel and concrete bunker walls. This aeration can boost improve the hygiene of your storage, eradicating mould growth and insect activity and allowing for quality control. Other benefits include extended safe storage periods and preventing germination loss. 




Gwydir Group are proud distributors of Landmark polyfabric tarps, designed for heavy duty application. Landmark is widely recognised as the best in their category, proven to work effectively in extreme conditions.

These tarps are the product of choice for bulk grain covering, with their superior resistance to cracking and exceptional ‘lay flat’ characteristics.

Landmark tarps are a quick grain solution, available in a range of weights, size and colours.

Quality storage is essential to maintaining and increasing the quality of your grain. Talk with the Gwydir Group team about your grain storage needs to determine the best solution to protect your harvest.

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