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Featuring advanced design including a heavier gauge steel sheets at the base, a wide corrugation profile to reduce the risk of internal obstructions, and a specific roof slope, a SilOz on-ground silo can maximise the amount of grain stored. 

Gwydir has a wide range of SilOz on-ground silos, from 24 to 48 feet in diameter. 

Standard designs are able to store between 218 and 1,743 tonnes of wheat, but what sets SilOz silos apart is their unique ability to be upgraded to increase capacity as your storage needs grow. 

SilOz on-ground silos are strong and stable. The wide corrugation profile of the galvanised steel walls reduces the risk of internal obstructions, limiting the risk of “hang-ups” which can harbour insects and fungi and lead to grain spoilage or downgrade. We can also install aeration systems for your SilOz Silo to help maintain grain quality. 


SilOZ silos have been proven to be one of the most effective sealed silos on the market in Australia.

Built to Australian Standard 2628, all SilOz silos comply to meet this definition of gas-tight, sealable silo which is suitable for fumigation after meeting a half-life pressure test. With the cost of fumigation so high, this feature provides peace of mind for growers.  

SilOz can also design customised on-ground silos to store 2,000 to 5,000 tonnes of grain upon request. The Gwydir Group team can come to your farm to help you determine the best solution for your site and ensure it complies with Australian Standards and local building regulations.

SilOz can provide model specific design review statement and certified foundation construction drawings which may be used to support any council DA requirement.


Silo Dimensions

Model Diameter Tiers Eave Height Overall Height Volume Capacity
2418CA 24" / 7.3m 5 5.59m 7.7m 626m² 218t
2422CA   6 6.7m 8.82m 309m² 257t
2426CA   7 7.82 9.94m 356m² 295t
2429CA   8 8.94m 11.06m 402m² 334t
2433CA   9 10.06m 12.18m 449m² 373t
2437CA   10 11.18m 13.3m 496m² 411t
2440CA   11 12.3m 14.42m 542m² 450t
2444CA   12 13.44m 15.54m 589m² 489t
3018CA 30" / 9.1m 5 5.59m 8.12mm 422m² 350t
3022CA   6 6.7m 9.32m 494m² 410t
3026CA   7 7.82m 10.44m 567m² 471t
3029CA   8 8.94m 11.56m 640m² 531t
3033CA   9 10.06m 12.67m 713m² 592t
3037CA   10 11.18m 13.79m 786m² 652t
3040CA   11 12.3m 14.91m 859m² 713t
3618CA 36" / 10.9m 5 5.59m 8.67m 623m² 517t
3622CA   6 6.7m 9.88m 728m² 604t
3626CA   7 7.82m 11m 833m² 692t
3629CA   8 8.94m 12.12m 938m² 779t
3633CA   9 10.06m 13.23m 1043m² 866t
3637CA   10 11.18m 14.35m 1148m² 953t
3640CA   11 12.3m 15.47m 1253m² 1040t
4218CA 42" / 12.8m 5 5.59m 9.27m 871m² 723t
4222CA   6 6.7m 10.39m 1014m² 841t
4226CA   7 7.82m 11.51m 1157m² 960t
4229CA   8 8.94m 12.62m 1300m² 1079t
4233CA   9 10.06m 13.47m 1442m² 1197t
4237CA   10 11.18m 14.86m 1585m² 1316t
4822CA 48" / 14.6m 6 6.7m 10.99m 1353m² 1123t
4826CA   7 7.82m 12.11m 1540m² 1278t
4829CA   8 8.94m 13.23m 1727m² 1433t
4833CA   9 10.06m 14.35m 1913m² 1588t
4837CA   10 11.18m 15.47m 2100m² 1743t

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